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  • Premier LP Gas Ltd., Bangladesh considers safety at operations and protection of occupational health and environment as the core values that are a prerequisite and essential to the long term success of the organization. We conduct our business in such a manner that ensures safety at operations protects occupational health of our stakeholders (Employees, contractor’s and the public) and safeguards the environment in which we have to conduct our operations. We reflect our hardcore commitment to the “Group HSEQ Charter” by seeking continual improvement in safety, health and environmental (SHE) performance.
  • We operate our facilities in a safe and healthy working environment where control of personal injury and illness, prevention of property and environmental damage as well as fire and oil spill are the top priority of management.
  • We strive to comply with applicable laws, regulations, codes and standards to minimize any adverse impact on health and the environment, arising out of our activity, to the extent practical. We concentrate our efforts to ensure reliable Quality of the product delivered to our customer
  • PLPG promotes among its employees a shared culture whose core components are skills management, incident feedback, information and dialogue. This process is driven by the leadership and exemplary conduct of management.
  • In order to respond effectively in the event of emergency, PLPG equips itself appropriately and establishes emergency response procedure which is periodically reviewed and regularly exercised.
  • In the selection criteria of its industrial and business partner PLPG emphasises on the basis of their ability to comply with its policy of Safety, Health, Environment and Quality.
  • PLPG Performs regular evaluation of employee performances through setting and monitoring of SHEQ objective for all individuals.
  • PLPG communicates to its employees, contractors, customers and the neighbours, as appropriate, any known hazards of its products and activities and practice effective product stewardship.
  • All employees and contractors have a personal responsibility to adhere to this policy.

Safety training programs

Effective and efficient safety management is the permanent objective of the Totalgaz team.

  • Totalgaz strongly believes in the slogan ''Safety for Me, for You, for ALL“. This includes all the stakeholders involved in its business including the company employees, contractor workers, transportation agencies, distributors, dealers and our customers. Totalgaz considers quality and safety of its products and services as a leading priority along with customer satisfaction. Totalgaz has defined specific safety and technical standards for the storage, transportation and use of LPG by customers worldwide. 
  • Premier LP Gas Ltd has also achieved Level-4 certification under the International Small Site Safety Rating System (ISSSRS) for its Chittagong facilities. This is a global safety management system for industrial sites aiming to reduce the number of accidents.
  • Safety programs for end-users are also regularly provided, namely: Housewife Safety Training, Distributor Safety Training, Burner Servicing Programs, Transporter Safe-carrying Techniques, and Safety Training Programs for Industrial LPG Users.