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Automotive lpg

LPG fuel proves to be a promising alternate energy source in view of emission reduction & economics of operation. Emission from LPG vehicle is similar to CNG vehicle and is superior to that of unleaded petrol.

LPG is normally free of contaminants resulting in clean burning and very low deposition of carbon and varnish inside the engine which consequently and substantially improves the life of the engine. Above all, LPG is most competitively priced as compared to petrol. The approximate cost savings for LPG is estimated to be about 30% as compared to petrol.

Automotive LPG as an alternate fuel for motor vehicles is used in more than 100 countries worldwide. The use of LPG as an automotive fuel has is legal in India.

Totalgaz is the immediate solution to the ever growing pollution on the roads. Recognizing that mobility is vital for economic progress, Totalgaz offers the cleanest fuel, meeting Indian standards for Automotive LPG and protects the health of the environment. Totalgaz dispensing stations are conveniently located to serve you for your fuel requirements. As a pioneer in respecting the environment, Totalgaz is the best fuel for today's atmospheric concerns.


  • Totalgaz is a pioneer in the Auto LPG sector in India with international safety standards adapted to Indian conditions.
  • The first company to be approved by PESO as installer and operator of auto LPG dispensing stations (ALDS).
  • Totalgaz has the expertise to handle :
    • In-House designing, execution, technical support, maintenance activity and licencing for ALDSes
    • ALDS are constructed as per government regulations and licenced by PESO.
  • Totalgaz supplies autograde LPG complying to BIS 14861
  • Supply management through effective logistics.

Alds: Auto lpg dispensing station



Equipment Storage tanks & pump, dispensing station, signage

Civil works

Canopy, fire-fighting system, building, forecourt, boundary


  • TOMA Auto LPG Station, 13/A/1, Avoydas Lane, Muradnagar Sarak, Tikatuli, Dhaka.
  • Fayez & Brothers Filling Station, Link Road, Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh (Under Construction)