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Cookie Policy


    • 1.1 Principles
      • 1.1.1 When you visit the Website, a ‘cookie’ may be installed in your computer. A cookie is a file that records information concerning your browsing of the Website from that computer (e.g.visited pages, date and time of browsing, viewed links) and will facilitate your visits by making it easier and faster for you to identify yourself to access your target pages.
      • 1.1.2 You can delete cookies installed on your computer at any time and prevent new cookies being saved and receive notification before installation of a new cookie by configuring your browser software. Please refer to the help section of your browser software for more information on how to activate and deactivate these functions and refer to the browser’s “types of cookies, cookies, statistics, settings”. . 
      • 1.1.3 Please note that you may not benefit from some of our services if you uninstall a cookie or prevent cookies from being installed on your machine.
    • 1.2 Types of cookies, cookies and statistics and settings
      • 1.2.1 Cookies installed on your server when yousurf on the website are cookies which exclusively aim at enabling or facilitating communication through electronic mean or which are strictly necessary for the provision of services you require (languages cookies, identify cookies…) or statistics cookies or other cookies under the following conditions.
      • 1.2.2 When cookies require your prior consent to the installation, you are asked through the banner displayed on the front page, stating that the pursuit of the navigation on the website means your acceptance.
    • 1.3 Which cookies are installed? 

      Data Controller cookies

      Cookie Description     How to OPTOUT     Persistence
      Site (has_js) Contains information about the browser session and allows visitors to log into the website   Removed when the browser is closed
      Site (cookie agreed) Remembers a visitor's choice regarding cookies    13 months

      Third party cookies

      Cookie editor Description How to OPTOUT Persistence   
      Score Card Research Beacon Allows Share this to see how many visitors come to the site 2 years
      ShareThis Allows sharing on Miscellaneous Social platforms

      __unam (9 months)

      __stdlxmap (7 days)

      __stgmap (7 days)

      __stid (24hours)

      __uset (24hours)

      STPC (24hours)

      METRIXLAB Allows and records the opening of the satisfaction form about the site

      To opt-out 

      please contact [email protected]

      7 months
      FASTFONT Allows display performance - Removed when the browser is closed
      TWITTER Records ID’s for sharing on twitter Through your profile, go to your SecuritySettings page and uncheck the box under the promoted content section. 18 months
      FACEBOOK Records ID’s for sharing onfacebook 


      scroll down to the "Choice" heading, click the last "click here" link in the paragraph, and fill in your information. 


      2 years

      Statistics cookies

      Cookie editor Description How to OPTOUT Persistence
      AT INTERNET Allows to see how many visitors come to the site and how often  7 months
      • 1.3.1 Statistics Cookies enable us to measure the number of visits, the number of page views and the activity of visitors on the website, including their return rate. In that case, a statistical tool creates a cookie with a unique identifier, which will be stored for a maximum of 7 months.
      • 1.3.2 Your IP address is also connected to determine from where you connect. It is immediately rendered anonymous when you leave the Website, which prevents your identification as a physical person. The statistic data concerning the site traffic is first collected by the service provider AT Internet and then returned to the data controller in an aggregated and anonymous format, through a web interface that only the data controller can access.
      • 1.3.3 This data will not be transferred to third parties or used for another purpose. At any time, you can block those cookies by using the “opt out” proceess at
    • 1.4 How can you delete, be informed about the installation of new cookies?
      • 1.4.1 How can you delete cookies file already installed on your computer?
        • (a) Go to your workstation(b) Select C:\ the “Windows file”
        • (c) Open the “temporary internet Files” file
        • (d) Select all the files (CTL A)
        • (e) Choose the option “delete”
      • 1.4.2 How can you refuse or can you be informed of setup of all the cookies files?
        • (a) Surfing with Internet Explorer 5(Microsoft): choose “Tools”, “internet Options”, “Security”, “Customise the level”, in the rolling menu, click on, “authorize cookies on your computer”, choose “ask for”, to be informed or desactivate so as to refuse all the cookies
        • (b) Surfing with Internet Explorer 6, 7 or 8(Microsoft): Click on “Tools”, “Internet Options”, “Confidentiality”, then the level you want to apply.
        • (c) Surfing with Firefox: Click on “Tools”,“Options”. In “Privacy” uncheck “Accept cookies”.

  • (d) Surfing with Google Chrome: Click on “Customise and Control Google Chrome”, click on “Settings”. In “Confidentiality”, click “Content Settings”, and tick “Block cookies and data from third parties websites.