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  • Awango by Total is a social enterprise of Totalgaz Bangladesh under the Total Group which was created in 2010. Its mission is to market accessible energy solutions to populations based on innovative, profitable and sustainable business models.
  • Awango by Total’s focus is on those people who do not have access to reliable modern energy, instead depending on expensive, inefficient sources of energy solutions in their homes.
  • Awango by Total aims to make an economic, social, and environmental impact by offering “clean” cutting-edge energy solutions of the highest quality.
  • Total intends to become the everyday energy partner and improve living standards of communities without reliable access; the project aims to provide access to lighting for 5 million people by selling 1 million lamps by 2015.
  • As of July 2013, 310,000 lamps have been sold in 8 countries with another 8 countries preparing to launch the initiative.
  • This commitment of Awango by Total has served as a springboard to develop a social business with three objectives:
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Deliver social, economic and environmental benefits to help spur the development of emerging markets through sustainable access to energy for off-grid communities

Ensure economic viability, a cornerstone of long-term success. Awango by Total has therefore set a realistic target to return on capital employed.

Build a sustainable business, maintain the project in the long run, relying on strong partnership at the local level.